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The Only Way to Solve Homelessness Is to Build More Homes

On the excellent book, “Homelessness is a Housing Problem."

For Homeless Solutions, Seattle Can Look to New York and Vancouver

Crosscut oped discussing the impact of vouchers for people who become unsheltered but are not the “chronically homeless.”

Housing and Transportation

Unserious in Seattle

An op-ed in the Urbanist on Seattle’s plan to fail and fall farther behind on our housing crisis.

Roosevelt Needs a Zoning Refresh

An Urbanist oped on underutilized land around a shiny new light rail station.

Growing a Neighborhood Around 130th Street Station

A housing and transportation plan for a once-in-a generation opportunity created by Sound Transit’s system expansion, in the Urbanist.

The Benefits of Auctioning Off Development Rights

(hint, it raises a lot of public money!), a report on a program from Sao Paulo, in The Urbanist.

Housing Benefit Districts Could Create Millions of Affordable Homes

on a state level legislative proposal that would create new tax revenue that cities could invest in land banking and that early research suggests would significantly accelerate housing production, especially affordable housing production. A report, in the Urbanist.

Public Safety

Restorative Justice is a Vital Component of Livable Urbanism

On the purposes of “punishment,” and how to produce a safer, more livable city.

Taxes and Public Finance

Seattle Needs Money

Emerging options for progressive taxes in Seattle that would raise lots of revenue and pass muster in Washington Courts.

Good Governance

Seattle’s Freedom Caucus

How two council members who position themselves as “centrists” have abandoned serious governance and traded it for public theater.

Articles about Ron

Ron Davis Announces run for City Council District 4 Seat

An interview with Sofia Schwarzwalder at UW Daily.

Sound Transit Details Light Rail Construction Delays

Ron Davis commenting on behalf of Seattle Subway, at KIRO News.

Seattle City Council Finalizes for West Seattle and Ballard Light Rail Expansion

Ron Davis commenting on behalf of Seattle Subway, at Yahoo Finance.